Dig A Shindig

Information on upcoming shindigs


I was able to attend a “shindig” in North Carolina organized by No Greater Joy Ministries in September, 2014 (checkout the What is a Shindig? page if you don’t know what a shindig is). Shortly before the shindig No Greater Joy announced that it was going to be the last shindig they were going to be able to organize. Many people were disappointed that it was the last shindig. Many families, having been blessed by the No Greater Joy shindigs, decided to host their own shindigs. Some are small events hosted in their homes while others are held in conference centers capable of housing thousands of people. While I was very excited about all the smaller shindigs that were being organized, I was afraid that things were going to become too fragmented and many people would not be aware of all the shindigs that were being organized. I decided to start this website make people aware of all the upcoming shindigs being organized.

Many people who have attended NGJ shindigs in the past do not have Facebook accounts or email addresses. Hopefully this website makes accessing information on upcoming shindigs easier.

If you are organizing a shindig please let me know!

If you have any questions please contact me.