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North Texas Mini Shindig/Shootout

  • Status:Confirmed
  • When:Mar. 30 - Apr. 2, 2017
  • Location:Collinsville, TX
  • Size:<50
  • Facility:'Campground' at the Grubb House
  • Accommodations:Tent Sites
  • Cost:$25 per family
  • Activities:Bible Reading, Shooting, Volleyball, Contra Dancing, Music, Frisbee, Board Games

We’re so excited to announce our 3rd Annual Shootout Shindig! Join us for a weekend of fun and fellowship on our 13 acre “Dude Ranch”. We’ve got a fun weekend planned including camping, campfires, target practicing, good old gun talk, potlucks, dancing, volleyball, card games, group games and more! (See the schedule below.) All ages are welcome so bring the whole family!


$15/person $25/family Paypal or mail a check to us by MARCH 15th.


Saturday night chili, Sunday breakfast, paper goods, etc.


  • Tents
  • sleeping bags/bedding
  • pillows
  • camping gear
  • Food for your family
  • guns, ammo, and entry fee(s)


Thur. (March 30th)
Afternoon- Arrive, choose camp sites, etc.
6pm- Potluck- bring a dish!
Afterwards- An evening of fellowship! -Card games, board games…

Friday (March 31th)
10am- Skeet Shooting Competition ($2 entry, 1st place gets the purse.)*
1pm- Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, music, etc.
6pm- Potluck.
7:30pm- Open Mic
8:30pm- English Country/Contra/Square/Swing Dancing!

Saturday (April 1st)
10am- Pistol Shooting Competition ($2 entry, 1st place gets the purse.)*
1-4pm- If someone wants to head up a scavenger hunt, please contact us!
5pm- Meal Provided: Beef Chili & fixings.
6:30pm- English Country/Contra/Square/Swing Dancing!

Sunday (April 2nd)
Breakfast Provided: Biscuits, gravy, eggs, and fruit.
10am- Church/Hymn sing/Discussion


Guys: You can either bring tents and pitch them in the yard (or by the creek). Or we have a few couches you can crash on, too. Just bring sleeping bags (and tents if you want)

Girls: You are welcome to bring tents as well and sleep in the yard. However, we have a large upstairs and you are welcome to bring sleeping bags and crash on the floor up there as well.

*Guns and ammo provided for shooting competitions, donations appreciated!

All outside activities weather permitting. Please pray for clear weather, but if it doesn’t hold up we will still have lots of room inside like we did once before! See y'all soon!! Bring your family, friends and self along! :)

Keep an eye on the event page for updates as the event gets closer. If you’d rather receive updates by email, private-message us (use account is: John Shawn Grubb).

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