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Information on upcoming shindigs

Texas March Shoot Out

  • Status:Confirmed
  • When:Mar. 5-8, 2015
  • Location:Collinsville, TX
  • Size:<50
  • Facility:'Campground' at the Grubb House
  • Accommodations:Tent Sites
  • Cost:Free
  • Activities:Bible Reading, Volleyball, Contra Dancing, Music, Frisbee, Shooting

What: A 4-day* Shindig!

  • Shooting (bring your own weapons and ammo)
  • Volleyball
  • ECD (English Country Dancing)
  • games
  • Frisbee
  • Pot-lucks
  • Camp fires
  • Music
  • And fellowship as well as a group bible reading every morning before breakfast.


  • Tents,
  • sleeping bags/bedding,
  • pillows,
  • camping gear,
  • stuff to grill/food (we’ll probably do a huge pot-luck for every meal).

Bring your family, friends and self along! :)

Where: The Grubb Home. We have a Pecan ‘orchard’ under which we camp, along our empty creek, there’s clearings for tents, and we are near the barn, which has electricity. And in the house we have enough room (and couches) for sleeping bags: Two big rooms upstairs and lots of floor space down stairs.

*(If you need to stay longer, or come earlier, we can work with that, just PM one of us Grubbs, Faith Grubb or Melody Grubb).