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What is a Shindig?

A shindig is an event where like-minded families from across the country come together for a time fellowship and fun. Shindigs are usually several days long. There are usually planned events during the shindig such as bible teaching sessions, and sessions on other topics such as homeschooling and missions. There is also usually of plenty of free time for games and fellowship.

The larger shindigs are often held in conference centers capable of hosting events for thousands of people. The smaller shindigs are either held in conference centers or in the hosts' home. People often travel from all parts country to attend the larger shindigs.

Shindigs often have sports such as:

  • Volleyball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Table Tennis
  • Dodgeball

Shindigs also may include:

  • jam sessions
  • contra dancing (english country dancing)
  • events for singles
  • card games/board games

The idea of a “Shindig” was started by No Greater Joy. Most people organizing and attending the shindigs have similar beliefs to the No Greater Joy Read what they believe here.